Welcome to my personal journey of documenting the ups, the down, the thrills and the possible tears of becoming the owner of my very first puppy.

Have I always been an ‘animal’ person? Well…if you have known me longer than five minutes, or happen to follow the countless animal posts I tweet on Twitter – yes, yes I have been. Not only am I the type of person who will smile and talk to random strangers dogs (whilst forgetting to give the human counterpart a mere ‘Hello!’),  I have found myself feeling incredibly broody for the past few years. For a child? Christ, no. For my very own puppy  (yeah…sorry, mum. No grandchildren just yet!). And after years of convincing my now husband (we’ve been together since teenagers and yes, I talked about animals as much then…) we have finally chosen our gorgeous baby. Read my journey of finally starting my happy family. I cannot wait.