Show off.

I do love my days working with the charity, Magic Carpet. They are a wonderful charity based in Devon that provide arts in health activities for adults with learning disabilities. As a freelance drama practitioner, I provide drama days for them, where we are currently working towards our very own version of Peter Pan.

Today was filled with drama activities, music on my ukulele and pretending to be Pirates and Lost Boys. (To name a few things we got up to today!)

Our Lost Boys live in a huge tree house above the canopy of the jungle, the entrance to which is through a secret door inside a tree. From their hidden paradise, the Lost Boys can secretly drop items on to passing pirates heads. Tomato soup and custard were two things that were mentioned! And brought about many giggles!

When given the tools and opportunities, everyone can have wonderful bright minds and fantastic creative imaginations – and days like this are perfect examples. They thrive when using drama and music, and I love watching them grow in confidence and as their ideas blossom.

Not only are these participants absolutely lovely, most of them being quite elderly, but they are so interested in your life and love talking about what you get up to when you aren’t with them. I have never worked with people who are so interested in me. Just me. What am I going to have for dinner tonight? Did I have a nice weekend? That they like my hair today, or a scarf I might be wearing. Being with them for a day and working (albeit, tough work at times), you leave feeling warm inside and inspired. And of course, that I see them weekly – they knew I was planning on getting a puppy! And I must say, they were very excited to see a picture of him on my phone!

Oh…isn’t he beautiful!

What a lovely face!

Ow, isn’t he sweet!

Of course I think he is gorgeous, and I am beyond excited to get him…but as an adult, being this excited about something, you can feel that you might be starting to annoy people by going ‘on about it’. Of that perhaps you are ‘talking about it too much’, or ‘showing off’.

But they don’t make me feel that way. Being so full of genuine intrigue and excitement. Asking questions about him. Wondering if I could bring him in one time. Genuine, and complete.

I can’t express the joys and benefits of working with people like this. I love my diverse job, and what I can bring to people through drama and music.

And…you know what else?

I actually loved being about to talk about puppy to gentle people who were just as excited for me as I am.

Thanks, guys x


2 thoughts on “Show off.

    1. Aw, thank you 🙂 yes – nothing more beneficial and heart warming than working with those who must deal with the world very differently to us – and who do a blooming wonderful job at it too. We can learn a lot from their lease for life and positivity. I am hoping to eventually get the pup PAT (pets as therapy) trained – and then I can take him to work with me too!

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