The countdown begins…

I don’t quite believe it.

Like…I know it is happening, but I actually don’t QUITE believe it yet. Not fully, anyway.

We are getting a puppy.

I know! What? Those who know me know how loooonngg I have being going on, and on (lets just pretend this is times 100 or something…I went on a lot) about wanting a dog for my own, and…now I am getting one.

What do they say about ‘good things come to those who wait’? Well, I have waited. And now is the right time.

I have battled with my desperate desire to add a family pet to my home with the difficulty of both of us working full time. I did not want to get a dog to leave alone in the house all day every day. I know people do this, and they make it work…but I didn’t want this. This changed however when I started working for myself. After three years working in education, I found myself forced into attempting the freelance life. I thought the pressure and stress of finding work, having those months where you worry about your expenses as you only bring pennies in (if you are lucky) and not having regular routine would be too much to handle, expecting to fail within the first year. But…I didn’t. And a year later (almost to this day) I find myself not only making a living, but enjoying the freedom and the excitement and peace this comes with. There was just only one thing missing now; one thing that I had room for now after the constraints of full time.

We had jointly been researching beagles for a long time. Not only are they blooming GORGEOUS, but most importantly to me…are known for being great family pets. That was it – that’s what I wanted. A dog that would not only start my family, but be integrated as a member once children came along. And, despite many sites warning ‘first time dog owners’ away from them as they can be incredibly cheeky, I was in love – and up for the challenge!

When we found an experienced breeder and arranged to see the pups, I was still in complete denial. My husband wasn’t actually going along with this…was he? Was he teasing me? Letting me see them, fall in love and then go – “Ha! Nahh, only joking, we can’t have a dog”.

And…oh my life. They were beautiful. She not only introduced us to the littler (so cute seriously, you would cry. Well…if you were as crazy about animals as me you would. What am I saying? A hardhearted fool would have!), but also to her 9 adult beagles. I always knew they were gorgeous and friendly but – they were so gentle, so warm with their ear kisses and soulful eyes. A gentle paw up on your lap, a nuzzled breath into the ear and then deep, deep eye contact. All followed up by a wagging tail of course. I was sold – even more so than I thought I was. We had to have one of these puppies.

We arranged a second meeting after promising we would ‘go away and think about it’ (pft, like that needed to happen!) and we went back last weekend to choose him.

And guys, we’ve picked him.

He comes home with us in two weeks. He is perfect.

They say that you usually start your family in the first year of marriage? Well…we bring him home on our first wedding anniversary.



9 thoughts on “The countdown begins…

  1. Oh my gosh! Can the cuteness overload factor be any higher? So excited to read more about our adventures with your little ball of precious. Thank you for swinging by the “Ranch” and for the follow. We 💗 visitors, especially ones with adorable puppies.

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  2. Many congrats! Cuter than cute, fellow dog lover! Mine are mixed breed, which I find are smartest, healthiest, & most grateful for having been rescued. Just the same, all dogs are wonderful 🙂

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    1. When I am a more experienced owner, rescues is definitely the avenue I want to go down. Beagles, amongst others, are used a lot in the UK and US for lab testing and it is unacceptable. I only wish we could save them all. Well done you for rescuing your lovelies! x

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      1. They’ve rescued me just as much, if not more, than I’ve rescued them.

        Beagles?! The ones with innocent bleary eyes?! So sad. As for training, in my experience, a dog is a dog is a dog. They’re all pack animals, which means that they all need lots of attention, daily walks and nutritious food. Do you get The Dog Whisperer there? Have watched a zillion of Cesar Milan’s dog training shows and have benefitted tremendously from them. Congrats on your new best friend 🙂


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